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 Mayura Academy 


South Indian Classical Dance

At Mayura Academy, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting the timeless art of Kuchipudi, a classical dance form where the roots lie in the rich cultural heritage of India. Kuchipudi is a world where the tradition and beauty of dance unfold. Our academy is accessible to all ages and nationalities. The founders, Guru Venkata Ramana and Srivani started this academy in 1990 to ensure that future generations are aware of this beautiful art form known as Kuchipudi.




Beginner classes: We offer beginner classes to introduce the basics of Kuchipudi and help develop a strong foundation through steps and jathi"s.

Intermediate classes: The intermediate classes take the basic skills to the next level, focusing on intricate footwork, expressions, and storytelling.


Advanced classes: This provides a platform to hone the skills learned and where the students are given a space to push themselves through challenging choreography.



~ Please contact Venkata Ramana Karanam via phone number or fill out the form directly below ~




Ramana Karanam 

Phone number: 0433 463 115


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